CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Management

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)
~Aiming for a company trusted by society~


We aim to minimize losses to the natural environment and the social environment as much as possible, aim for “Sustainable Development” and “Maintaining and improving good relationships with stakeholders” We are seriously working on the eight issues of CSR.
  ①Organizational Governance
  ②Social contribution by core business
  ③Human rights
  ④Labor Practices
  ⑥Fair business practices
  ⑦Consumer problem
  ⑧ Community involvement


  1. Established the compliance committee, and held a conference and training once a year compliance with the code of conduct and various law based on the internal rules of employment, we have a confirmation of such assets and information management.
  2. We have an internal reporting consultation installed in each office.
  3. We will comply with.
    ① Kotobuki Pharmaceutical:Corporate Code of Conductpdficon_17
    ② Kotobuki Pharmaceutical:Compliance Programpdficon_17
    ③ Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association of Tokyo:Articles of associationpdficon_17
    ④ Japan Generic Medicines Association:The action charter
Sincerely yours,
Hiroshi Tomiyama, Ph.D.
President & CEO